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Water supply and distribution systems are water supply stations, house entrance systems, pumping stations, pressure reduction stations, water supply networks and the like. Here, the most important is the high productivity and long-term functional reliability of all components. The shut-off and regulating armature, shaped parts and pipes play a decisive role here.

Valves automates the pressure (VAG DURA control valve) and flow rate, protects pipelines (Jindal Ductile Iron Pipe or PVC-O Molecor), pumps and other devices from damage.

The equipment operates under increased load, regardless of where it is operated. It can be house connections (VAG BETA®-HA Gate Valve, VAG TERRA®lock VAG Tapping valve or TERRA®-M1 Tapping bridge) or the main pipe (VAG SKR Check Valve or VAG VARIplus-DJ Dismounting Joint), out depending on this all the equipment being operated is subjected to increased load, namely:

1) high pressure;

2) sudden temperature changes;

3) an arid or tropical climate is possible.

For any product, thess means that materials, technology and quality should be the best to be able to guarantee decades of excellent performance. Long service life means real savings and efficient use of customer funds.

Our technical specialists will always provide qualified solutions for water supply systems. Wherever water is stored, the water is distributed and purified - the equipment of our partners plays an important role.