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Equipment for this type of area can be used in water treatment plants, sewerage stations and water pipes.

There are 4 stages of cleaning:

1) Mechanical - preliminary cleaning of wastewater entering sewage treatment plants is carried out in order to prepare them for biological treatment.;

2) Biological - biological purification involves cleaning the dissolved part of sewage sludge with special microorganisms (bacteria and protozoa) or earthworms, which are called active silt or biofilm.;

3) Physicochemical - these methods are used for purification from dissolved impurities, and in some cases also from suspended solids.;

4) Disinfection of waste water - ultraviolet irradiation units are used for the final disinfection of sewage intended for discharge onto the terrain or in a body of water.

All the equipment that is used, and this can be VAG ZETA knife gate valve, VAG LIMU-STOP check valve, VAG HADE reverse end valve, VAG ERIplus penstock, as well as Jindal ductile iron pipes, assists in a complex of measures during cleaning, neutralization and disinfection of sewage before their release into reservoirs.

Wastewater from households or farmland is very different in composition from industrial effluents. The wastes generated during the production of food products are different from those of chemical plants. Since there is no standard for the classification of wastewater, special pipeline fittings and extensive expert knowledge are needed.

If you want to protect your investments and ensure safety in work, do you search for materials resistant to aggressive impurities, acids or alkalis, materials that will protect the armature from corrosion? Do you need an armature designed to work in waste water, which will for decades without trouble work even in a heavily polluted environment? Or coatings that are resistant to abrasion? Then you need to use fittings manufactured by VAG GmbH.