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Water is life. It is the most important and essential element to make life exists. It is not a coincidence that Earth and humans beings are made up of water by 70%. In other planets, there is no life because this element does not exist in a liquid state.

In the middle of this climate crisis, we must be conscious this element is more and more scarce, and, at the same time, more requested. The recent absence of rainfalls and abundant droughts are the main problem.

It is estimated that by 2025, 1,8 billion people could live in shortages of water zones, and two-thirds of the people in the world could be in stress water conditions. Without any doubt, it is our responsibility to make responsible use of water, contributing to its protection.

From Molecor, we want to keep aligned with the environment. Recently, we have taken one more step with this compromise by joining the Operation Clean Sweep program (OCS). Molecor, being an integrate at the plastics industry, is aware of its responsibility in order to prevent that pellets or other plastics particles used in the production process of TOM® pipes and ecoFIITTOM® PVC-O fittings (from the discharge of the raw materials to the dispatch of the product, throughout by the recycling process) end up in the environment. That is the reason why Molecor has reinforced its commitment to preventing the pellet loss at its facilities.

Besides applying our own technology, which uses pressurized air instead of water for pipes and fittings manufacturing, the raw material we use, Oriented PVC, is a 100% recyclable material. It means a lower CO2 emission level throughout our long-life products. Moreover, TOM® pipes and ecoFITTOM® fittings, present a complete watertight, preventing possible leaks of a resource as scarce as water is.

Oceans are the chief natural carbon sinks. They consume more than 50 percent that exists in the air, but due to their deterioration, the quantity in the atmosphere is increasing. TOM® pipes and ecoFITTOM® fittings are products with the smallest environmental footprint within the sector, thus contributing to preserve the environment.

The UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 intercedes aims to guarantee the availability of water and its sustainable management and sanitation, and Molecor will do its best to achieve it through constant sustainable innovation.

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