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Quality equipment and valves are one that for years work without any problems and continues to comply with the latest technology, and also guarantees the maximum functional reliability of the entire system. All this is provided only by proper selection of equipment taking into account the environment and operating conditions, indicators and key parameters of the pumped liquid, as well as compliance with all recommendations, installation and operation instructions, and regular service.

The specialists of our company are always ready to provide you with qualitative advice on the selection of VAG GmbH valves, GRP pipes, Jindal SAW ductile iron fittings and pipes, and polyethylene PE100 pipes, taking into account all your requirements and operating conditions.

Working directly with the factories of the equipment supplied by our company allows us not only to provide a factory warranty for products, but also provide technical advice when installing the equipment, carry out its maintenance and, if necessary, perform warranty inspection and repair, or replace it with new equipment (*the latter should only be carried out after a detailed inspection of the equipment by specialists of our company, after the situation is examined by the technical engineers of the manufacturer, and in case of production defects). To do this, our company has technical engineering, who have been trained and are specialists in their field. All the above services LLC "Ukrarmatrade" can also provide with the help of technical experts manufacturers.