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A sophisticated technology makes these valves control professionals in almost any application. They come with a one-piece, streamlined body, regulate large amounts of water safely and reliably and – they can fly...

We must admit that they cannot fly on their own. But with cranes, several of these whoppers weighing up to 25 tons are lifted into a tunnel system at the same time. Awesome, right?

Project: Bhandup Tunnel

Country: India

Products: 12x VAG RIKO® Plunger Valves DN 1800…2000

Application: Water supply pipeline

As part of one of India’s largest water distribution projects, a 35 km-long main supplies over 12 million inhabitants of Mumbai with fresh water. VAG supplied 12 VAG RIKO® Plunger Valves with nominal diametres of DN 1800 and DN 2000 as well as a VAG EKN® Butterfly Valve DN 2400.

Besides their advanced one-piece body design, the plunger valves feature hard-faced piston guides and corrosionprotected bearings. The control valves were dimensioned to suit the local operating conditions and the outlet types were designed to ensure an optimal control characteristic.