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A power plant is an electrical station, a set of installations, equipment and apparatus used directly for the production of electrical energy, as well as the necessary facilities and buildings located in a certain territory.

Equipment for this type of environment is used in 4 main types of power plants:

1) Nuclear Power Plants;

2) Gas power stations;

3) Cogeneration plants;

4) Osmotic power plants;

The main task of the equipment used at the above facilities is to monitor the cooling circuits. Open and close the inlets and outlets. At the power plants, the mass of the valves works, including steel gate valves, butterfly valves, check valves manufactured by the Armatury Group and butterfly valves, knife gate valves, control valves and many other equipment from VAG GmbH.

VAG ERIplus penstocks on the inlet and outlet of the cooling water ensure maximum tightness and reliability. VAG CEREX 300-W or VAG CEREX 300-L butterfly valves provide safe water supply to pumping stations and connecting Jindal pipelines. In combination with cargo pneumatic actuators they become an indispensable protection for the main pump of the cooling system. In a special version for central heating systems or in large diameters with UVV lock, the VAG EKN butterfly valves are so versatile that they can be used on any part of the system. Plunger control valves VAG RIKO or VAG PIKO allow you to control the pressure and the entire mass of water. Fire hydrants VAG HYDRUS guarantee instant access to water for firefighting. The VAG DUOJET air valves provide a quick equalization of the pressure in the cooling system.

VAG GmbH as an industry leader plays a leading role in the development of reliable and safe valves. At large power plants, the technologies used in cooling systems must be as reliable and absolutely safe as possible.