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Hydropower is a field of human activity that serves to convert the energy of a water stream into electrical energy.

Under the usual hydroelectric scheme, water accumulates in the reservoir, often dams are created by the dam. The water from the tank is fed to the turbines by means of pipelines (JINDAL pipes), connected to an electric generator. In pumping power plants where VAG EKO®plus wedge gate valves are used, VAG ZETA® Wedge knife gate valves, VAG CEREX® 300-L butterfly valves, VAG KRV ball check valves, Armatury Group steel wedge gate valves, pass through turbines, again.

One fifth of the energy produced in the world is hydroelectric.

At the moment there are about 45,000 dams in the world. Their main purpose is to supply drinking water, protect against floods, provide water to industry and agriculture, generate electricity.

To prevent breakthroughs of dams or uncontrolled overflow, almost all dams are now equipped with bottom outlet systems that are designed in accordance with the capacity of the dam to expand, which is determined by the capacity of the reservoir and the volumes of intake and exhaust. Bottom outlet is often opened, closed and regulated by VAG GmbH valves, namely the VAG KSS Hollow-Jet Discharge Valve.

From the inlet and safety valves to the control valves, and protective devices. All this fittings, parts of the security and control system, there is one manufacturer – VAG GmbH.