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Water distribution networks have been subjected to constant testing for decades by frost, soil movements, traffic and water pressure.

To solve the problems with pressure differences, VAG GmbH offers to use of VAG RIKO plunger control valves or VAG PICO control valves on pipelines. Also, do not forget to use VAG EKOplus gate valves, VAG DUOJET air valves and Jindal ductile iron pipes to be sure of long-term trouble-free operation.

As a result of proper planning, installation and operation it will be possible to prevent the appearance of cracks, leaks, deterioration of the structure, which can lead to loss of water. The largest part of such losses was caused not by large pipe ruptures, but by a lot of small leaks. Studies confirm that up to 1/3 of the available drinking water is lost on the way to the end user. Loss of water is a loss of money.

In addition, for arid regions such a situation becomes critical - there is a shortage of drinking water. If the world water losses were halved, this alone would provide drinking water to 90 million people.

Accordingly, in order not to face these problems, it is necessary to plan and use only high-quality equipment of our partners, namely VAG GmbH, Jindal SAW, Molecor and others.