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As continuous and unpredictable changes in oil prices and the depletion of its reserves, natural gas becomes an increasingly important resource for energy supply.

Equipment for gas supply must be reliable, durable and safe. All these qualities can be provided by the equipment of companies with which we cooperate in this field (Armatury Group or VAG GmbH). All products are confirmed by inspections, tests of authorized independent organizations, and also conforms to European and world standards.

The gas is extracted from the well and transfers to separators using the Armatury Group ball valves, where solid and liquid mechanical impurities are separated. Further on the field gas pipelines, the gas enters the collectors and gas distribution stations, which are completed with check valves of the Armatury Group company, where it is cleaned in oil dust collectors, drained, odorized; the gas pressure is reduced to the design value adopted in the main gas pipeline. After that, it is transported to compressor stations, which are located about 150 km away and where steel valves of Armatury Group or VAG GmbH companies ( it can be gate valves, butterfly valves, check valves etc.) are often installed. This equipment is installed at least every 25 km, so that in the event of force majeure situations it was possible to repair or replace equipment.

Thanks to the high-quality equipment of our partners, the industrial use of natural gas is growing due to the emergence of new gas pipelines, separators, gas distribution stations, and steam-turbine power plants.