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has dedicated itself to the EPP coating for decades and we have made a lot of investments to that effect in the past few years – including a new powder-coating plant at VAG’s production plant in Hodonín (Czechia).

Consequently, this means the discontinuation of the enamel-coating program!

VAG will not produce enamel-coated valves any more in future. It goes without saying that current orders and framework contracts for enameled valves will be processed according to what has been agreed on.

We hope you will understand that we are not going to prepare any quotations for enameled valves any more. Our quotations already in the market will remain valid until the dates specified in the quotation.

At the same time, VAG’s product innovations have been designed with a view to sustainability as early as in the development and design stage for quite some time now. This includes strategies to prevent the over-exploitation of natural resources and energy saving measures when the valves are in operation later on.

Our new energy-efficient, double-offset VAG EKN® H300 Butterfly Valve which meets even the most stringent requirements is a successful example of the implementation of this concept: Its innovative design with a patented hydrodynamic disk, enlarged seat diameter and patented pressure compensation channels in the disk minimizes pressure losses and turbulences in the outlet area of the valve. This reduces energy costs and the distance to downstream installations in the pipeline.

Technical safety and sustainability combined: EPP coating

  • Resource-efficient one-time heating up to 200 °C instead of heating the part up twice to over 700 °C (as is required for enameling).
  • Minimal susceptibility to damage by impact stress and the possibility of repairing a damaged coating at the same time.
  • The minimum coating thickness of 250 microns required by the GSK criteria technically ensures freedom from pores.
  • Higher elongation values and thus better adaptation to the casting material under compressive loads reduce the risk of cracks in the coating.
  • Reliable adhesion of the coating ensured by a defined EPP manufacturing process, measurable and provable according to the GSK criteria.

By exclusively focusing on epoxy coatings, we can meet the requirements of local and global markets even better thanks to the technical advantages offered by these coatings. Depending on the type of valves and nominal sizes, we also apply liquid epoxy coatings.