mo-fri: 9:00-18:00

One more year Molecor  participates actively collaborating with the case study "Improvement of water quality for irrigation in the CR of Cuevas del Almanzora (Almería)" which will be taught by Marcos Rincon (Molecor), Jorge Muñoz (Talleres y Grúas González) and  Francisco Molina (Sadyt Valoriza), included in the thematic block "Pipes of plastic materials". This project is a great example of how, faced with limited water resources, human beings look for viable alternatives such as desalination.

During the exhibition it will be shown how PVC-O was consideredas the best solution in relation to the technical requirements of the farm itself for different reasons such as: the need for a pipe with excellent resistance to salinity present in the water transported; its low celerity, so that the depressions and overpressures produced by sudden stops do not reach very high values; for being a material of excellent durability over time, given its optimal design conditions and hydrostatic resistance; and for its excellent mechanical behavior against impacts combined with its lightness and easy installation.

TOM®  Oriented PVC Pipes (PVC-O)  are presented as an excellent alternative in water distribution networks thanks to their operational efficiency and low maintenance costs. Also for its high physical-mechanical and chemical properties, which ensure reliability in the supply and environmental protection.