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VAG GmbH is a German manufacturer of valves DN50-2400 premium segment at competitive prices, which can be used both in water supply and wastewater systems, as well as at pumping stations of different levels of complexity, hydroelectric plants, treatment plants, industrial plants and so on.

VAG GmbH is one of the oldest manufacturer of different types of valves in Europe. Gate and knife gate valves, penstocks and butterfly valves, ball valves, pressure regulators, filters, fire hydrants, DJs and so on, are made of high quality materials, the physical and chemical properties of which allow us to use VAG equipment in a wide temperature range and under various operating conditions, which ensures a long service life, of course only with save and follow the rules of storage, installation and operation of equipment.

The history of the company VAG begins in 1872, when Karl Bopp and Carl Reutter created a special factory that produced pumps and industrial valves. In just a few years, Bopp&Reuther has gained international fame and reputation.