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     MATERBUD company is a European manufacturer of high-quality shaped parts (fittings) for external engineering networks (water supply and drainage/sewage systems). Founded in 1992, the company began its supply of gray cast iron products, but over time has become one of the most powerful manufacturers of various shaped parts of high-strength cast iron with spherical graphite (VCHKG) up to Du1200 mm. MATERBUD has its own foundry line and is an expert in the development of its own molds and technological schemes of casting. The company's products have a high-quality exterior and interior coating, which can be made as cement-sand, bitumen, blue / red epoxy.

DI fittings

      The list of products produced by the company includes:

- cast iron tees with flange and bell connection,

- cast iron crosses with flange and bell connection,

- single-flange and double-flange branch pipes,

- transitions cast iron flange (conical),

- flange and bell branches (knees),

- transitional flanges,

- stands (tees, flanged crosses and taps / elbows) under GHG (fire hydrant),

- tees and crosses with lower outlet (drainage outlet),

- blind flanges (plugs),

- knees (taps) bell-smooth end,

- branch pipes bell-flange,

- double bell,

- universal couplings,

- couplings-flanges for pig-iron / steel / PE / PVC pipes,

- mounting / dismounting inserts,

- repair clamps and many other products.

      Also, MATERBUD manufactures cast iron wedge latches with rubberized EPDM wedges that can be used in water supply systems.