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Jindal SAW LTD. - a large, trans-regional Indian manufacturer of Ductile iron pipes and fittings from. Jindal SAW pipes are used to transport water and sewage (sewage and drain water), as well as for industrial applications, for example, in the oil and gas industry.

Jindal SAW pipes are successfully applied to projects around the world and are exported to the Middle East, Europe, Africa, South America, Australia and South-East Asia. The specialists and engineers of the company are constantly working on improving the products and introducing modern technologies into the production process.

Jindal SAW manufactures ductile Iron pipes with various types of joints and a range of sizes from DN80 to DN2200 mm., with an annual output of 18,000 tonnes. At the moment, the company's facilities are producing pipes with such types of joints:

  • Push-on Socket and Spigot Joint;
  • Self-anchored Restrained Joint (TJ & AJ Sit)
  • Mechanical Restrained, Joints (MRJ)

 Ductile iron pipes are covered from the outside with zinc-aluminum and bitumen, or epoxy (blue, red, black) coating. Also Jindal SAW's production facilities allow the additional coating of pipes with polyurethane, extruded polyethylene coatings and pre-insulation of pipes, which is very often used for laying pipelines on the ground surface, overpasses, bridges, etc. Inside ductile iron pipes have a cement-sand coating, the application technology of which makes it very durable and prevents the retention and adherence of particles on the inside of the pipe wall, which in time can lead to clogging.

All delivered products comply with the international quality standards ISO: 2531, BSEN 545 and BSEN 598, as well as the Indian standard IS: 8329, which in turn allows the company to provide products both domestic and world markets. Moreover, Jindal SAW has all Ukrainian quality certificates for all types of manufactured products (sanitary-epidemiological conclusion, Type certificate, UkrSEPRO certificate, declaration of conformity for equipment that operates under pressure).

The company LLC "UKRARMATRADE" is a reliable partner and official importer of products manufactured at Jindal SAW enterprises.